Started in 1998, RDX PRO is one of largest music promotion delivery services with more than 5000+ Radio & Media members in over 100 Countries worldwide. We bridge the gap of artists/labels and radio/media on a global scale. Since our inception, RDX PRO has provided radio/media the opprtunity to browse, preview and select music suitable for their specific needs. By focusing on providing music from a worldwide roster of artists and labels in many styles of music - we've been able to offer Radio Programmers and Writers some amazingly unique music they normally would not have access to. 

New releases every week       
Each week we send out email notices with new digital releases (within your selected genres) - we provide artist info, album cover, streaming audio samples and the download links. If you like what you hear and feel it is something that you'd play on your show, in the club, blog, podcast or review - then you can download a copy instantly. (320k MP3s or WAVs). Choose from over 1500 releases & thousands of songs currently available.


No cost or obligation     
There is no cost at anytime. Our goal is to provide you great music from artists worldwide and to provide those artist the opportunity to reach new listeners and readers. As a member you will have the opportunity to request any new CD release we offer in any style of music you prefer. It's easy. It's free and there is no obligation. 

The only requirement to using our service is that you provide basic feedback in a reasonble amount of time. Feedback can be in the form of personal comments, listener comments, reviews, playlists or charts. Anything that we can share with the artist so they know the response to their music. Once you've requested any release there are several ways to provide what we term as "feedback"

Providing feedback, comments or playlists    
Feedback, your personal comments or playlists are a crucial aspect to our service as it helps our artists know what you think about their music and if you've utilized any of the downloads. We know that it can be overwhelming to provide feedback for every song you download and do not expect you to BUT do ask thay you provide some type of feedback such as "love it and will use it this week on my show", "playlist link", etc.. 

  1. Click the Provide Feedback link when you receive a new release email
  2. Login and use the "Provide FeedbacK" link located on each release anytime
  3. Provide Feedback when you receive the "Feedback Requested" email


Types of radio & media we service  

  • International Programming (Voice of America)
  • Satellite Radio
  • Digital Radio
  • National Networks
  • Regional Networks
  • Syndicated Programming
  • Commercial Stations 
  • Local Stations
  • Community Stations
  • College Radio
  • Internet Radio Programs with a significant listenership.
  • Club Djs
  • SoundSystems worldwide.
  • DJ Record Pools
  • Podcasters
  • Bloggers

    For Media we service
  • International publications
  • National Publications
  • Regional Publications, 
  • Local Publications, 
  • Newspapers
  • e-Zines
  • Freelance Writers
  •  TV - Music Video Programs


Is there a fee for your service?
No. There is no cost to you at any time. Our service is provided to all radio & media free as you are helping to promote music from our artists. 


Is the music Podcast & Blog friendly? 
Yes, you can use all music on your blog or podcast anytime.


Can I choose what music I want access to?
When you create your account you'll be able to select the styles of music you'd like access to. 


I'm no longer on radio - can I cancel my account?
Of coarse - simply use the Unsubscribe link.

What format is the music available?
All releases are digital MP3 downloads encoded at 320K and / or WAV